Diner Dansant


ONLY PRE-SALE, before 25th of september

We would like to invite you to enjoy our sustainable “dinner dansant” during the farewell party of ALX18 at the Jungle (Sunday evening party venue) – a DJ will play music during dinner and there is the opportunity to dance during dinner.

Dinner can be only purchased in advance, and we have limited places!
Dinner dansant: 19h
Band first set: 20h

About our caterer

Ana Miranda Vergara is an experienced caterer who cooks for professional theatre and dance companies. We asked her to prepare a sustainable vegan dish for our guests and this is the menu she came up with:

  • Thai red lentil soup with fragrant chili oil
    This is a fresh creamy soup with a spicy curry taste and coconut milk
  • Pumpkin Udon noodles ratatouille
    with delicious smoky pumpkin, snow peas, cucumbers and Udon noodles.

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