We would love to see you at Amsterdam Lindy Exchange 2019.

Explore our beautiful city by day and dance to the music of a different band each night.


Registration & Ticket Sale



Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of September 2019.


Registration is closed! We are oficially sold out!


A ticket for ALX will set you back €95. Add a swinging Sunday boat cruise for €15.

Direct payment is possible via iDeal, bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

You can sign up as a lead, follow, or switch (sign up as a switch if you enjoy actively social dancing in both roles). We aim not to have a waiting list for followers (looking at you, leads!)

You can buy tickets for your friends. Make sure you have their email-addresses at hand, so we can communicate with everyone.


"Gettin' Together" - Mezzrow - Ladnier Quintet

By Day

With thee I swing, baby
For thou art so entrancin

We’ll sure be swinging the nights away, but by day, we invite you to explore the entrancing city of Amsterdam with us. We have a host of inspiring experiences in stock for you this year, and we can’t wait to tell you about all of them. Here’s a first taste of our day programme. For more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and keep an eye on this website!

ALX 2019 connects you...

and the city of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Architecture Tour - Friday Sept 13th at 14h

Everyone knows the beautiful 17th century canal houses that permeate the center of Amsterdam. But the city is also home to countless art-nouveau and art-deco treasures, as well as iconic Amsterdam School masterpieces that are sure to catch a swing-era lover’s eye. Discover a different side of Amsterdam on our ALX city tour with our very own Matilde! We will send you more information to sign up soon.

Amsterdam Noord by Bike - Friday Sept 13th at 14h

A free ferry ride away from Central Station you find yet another side of Amsterdam. The North boasts the best of contrasting worlds: vast green expanses and charming little villages plus some of the city's most cutting-edge architecture, reinvented industrial harbour area, experimental sustainable hubs and cool waterside hangouts. Ellen runs a dance school up north and takes you on a bike trip to explore the area (BYO bike).

Tea Dance - Saturday Sept 14th at 15h30

We are thrilled to announce our venue for Saturday afternoon: The Muziekgebouw will welcome us for a Teadance Saturday afternoon. Come dance and enjoy its gorgeous views, stunning atmosphere, and pristine floors.


…and the Amsterdam lindy community

Local living room sessions
Saturday Sept 14th starting at 13h

At night, you’re dancing from the first song of the set to the last, and you can’t find time to talk? We know the problem! And we believe food and drinks work miracles in making new friends. So join one of our four lovely hosts in their homes and let them introduce you to some Dutch favorites: local beer, jenever (Dutch gin), and appeltaart. Have a bite, a sip, and a chat!

Keep an eye out to sign up for one of the living rooms!

…and the water

Swing on a boat
Sunday Sept 15th at 13h 

About 25% of Amsterdam is water, so why not make sure to dance on there as well? On Sunday afternoon we will be swinging on a boat with our very own local band the Ninth Bar. This band consists for 60% of dancers. That is how they know exactly what we like. We would love for you to join us on this picturesque swingin’ cruise over "het IJ".


With the ninth bar

'Surprisingly familiar swing jazz'

The Ninth Bar is an Amsterdam based Swing Jazz band. They currently play throughout the Netherlands at swing dancing parties and festivals. The band started a journey when two swing dancers met at a Lindy Hop event. In time they founded a family of like-minded musicians. Due to their experience on the dancefloor, they are aware of what a dancing audience needs, yet they play with a twist. This means: even if you do not dance the Lindy Hop, Charleston or Blues, they will definitely make you tap your feet and snap your fingers.


"They Raided The Joint" - Roy Eldridge Sextet

By Night

"My heart goes bing, baby, whenever we start to dance."

And dancing is what we’re in town for. We’ve scored stunning venues, swinging bands, and the finest floors for your delight. There will be three long nights of dancing (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) with a different band and DJ line-up every night. The talk around town is that there may even be a speakeasy-style Thursday pre-party. Here’s a glimpse of the talent we’ll be seeing:


Thursday 12th - Orange Moon at The 5th


We start the weekend casual with a nice get together. Orange Moon brings you 1920’s vibes in 2019. Jazz vocalist Bahghi Yemane surrounds herself with Amsterdam’s finest international musicians. It is not an exaggeration to say the Amsterdam Lindy Scene  has fallen head over heels in love with Bahghi and her wonderful voice. They look good, they’ve got style, they bring the best swing, and have a lot of fun while playing. 

Friday 13th - Dr Bernard and the Swing Cats at De Balie

ALX choreo before the party starts

Nothing brings people together like dancing, that’s why the night starts with a class on the ALX-Choreo to the fitting song ‘With Thee I Sing’. The one and only choreographer Earanee will teach you the steps so you can join in whenever this song is played during the weekend.   

Dr Bernard and the Swing Cats

Dr Bernard and the Swing Cats is an ensemble by doctor (yes, really...) and clarinettist Bernard Berkhout. He has a tidy sum of Dutch jazz awards under his belt (such as the soloist prize of the North Sea Jazz festival and the Edison Grammy Award), as well as a decade of experience playing for dancers. Cherry on top: his sextet comes with a vibraphone player! With his newest ensemble he will kick off the first official night of the festival.


Saturday 14th - The Coquette Jazz Band


The Coquette Jazz Band is a young and talented swing band from Austria. The ensemble plays 1930s and 1940s danceable swing and music of the Dixieland “revival” era. They bring enthusiasm and energy to the stage, and heaps of  joy to the audience. They will play all our favourite songs, arrangements by Fats Waller, John Kirby, Bix Beiderbecke or Duke Ellington, and they might surprise you with their own arrangements.

Sunday 15th - at the Jungle with Pino & the Hotsy Totsies

Welcome to the Jungle! Our Sunday night venue is called Jungle, and that calls for a dress-up party. Our theme: flora & fauna of the jungle! We hope to see a big dancing crowd full of flowers, shades of green, and animal prints. And a heartfelt request: please don’t buy throwaway items for this party, but find sustainable and creative ways to address the theme. 

Our local heroes Pino & The Hotsy Totsies will make you dance tonight. We discovered this charismatic band leader during a luxurious speakeasy style party called Smokey Jazz, organised by himself. A match made in heaven. He loved learning more about playing for dancers with a great bunch of musicians. And in the meantime, he makes sure we dancers learn something about the jazz musicians.  



Clothing Swap

Bringing clothing you don’t wear anymore may sound counter-intuitive. But please, do so! There will be a Swapping Shop full of Swing Things waiting for you. Consider it environmentally-friendly, guilt-free, brownie-point-gathering shopping. Make sure your items are in good state and swing-related.

Swing Bingo

Connecting you is our mission this weekend. Last year we learned that a little competitive game works like a charm. Find the names on your bingo-card, seduce them to a dance, and cross off their name. First one with a full card? You win a prize.



Dom Valentine

"I ain’t here for trouble so have no fear. One scotch, one bourbon, one beer."



"I don't need words. It's all in the phrasing."

Louis Armstrong



"Better call the calling off off”





“Ok, how does the bread smell?”

Lester Young



"Do you wanna jump, children?"

Bryant/Donahue/Van Heusen/Selsman


We are over the moon to have Stephanie O’Connor back - the photographer who captured the magical atmosphere of ALX 2018. Her photos speak for themselves:



The 5th (StayOkay East)

The perfect place to welcome you guys is the 5th. The restaurant describes itself as ‘’the latest hotspot in the typical neighbourhood Zeeburg for everyone who loves chilling” and we think that description is about right. They have regular live band nights, and a gorgeous wooden floor. When one day we spontaneously started dancing there, they asked us if we could do that more often. Sure can!

They also have nice, friendly priced food.

Timorplein 21, 1094 CC Amsterdam
+31(0)20 751 7878



Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

We are thrilled to announce our Saturday afternoon venue! The Muziekgebouw stole our hearts with its gorgeous views, stunning atmosphere, and pristine floors. Now all we need is some September sunshine and, of course, YOU. 

Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam
+31(0)20 788 2000


De Balie (friday & saturday)

De Balie is a centre for theatre, debate, film and politics located in a 19th century courthouse (with a beautiful wooden floor) right in the centre of the city.

You can have dinner in the Balie’s Grand Cafe (make a reservation in advance) or venture out to several restaurants in the area. It is right around the corner of the well known Vondelpark and a 10 minute walk from the museum square where you can visit Amsterdam's three important museums:  Rijksmuseum (museum for national art), the Van Gogh Museum and Het Stedelijk Museum (museum for modern art).

Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam



Jungle is an hommage to the wonderful nature on this planet. It is a center for sustainability in Amsterdam. And, because we share the same values, close to our hearts. We love how this place is more than just a great place to dance: It is about connecting with the neighbourhood, sharing knowledge, and inspiring each other.

Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, 1093 VS Amsterdam
+31(0)20 737 3326




Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Thursday (12/9)

20.30 - 23.30
🎉 Pre-party with Orange Moon
(band starts at 21.00)

Friday (13/9)

14.00 - 15.30
Tour West / Tour North

Registration (de Balie)

Choreo class with Earanee (de Balie)

🎉 Start Party with DJ
(de Balie)

Start Dr. Bernard and his Swing Cats


Saturday (14/9)

13.00 - 15.30
Living room sessions

15.30 - 18.30
🍵 Tea Dance with DJ (Muziekgebouw, entrance water side)

Registration for Mix & Match competition

🎉 Start party /Prelims Mix & Match
(de Balie)

Start The Coquette Jazz Band

Finals Mix & Match / Performances


Sunday (15/9)

12.15 & 12.45
Ferry pickup to NDSM
(Amsterdam Central Station)

13.00 - 17.00
Boat Trip on the IJ 🚢 with The Ninth Bar

🎉 Start party with DJ (Jungle)

Start Pino & The Hotsie Totsies

The End

The City Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam!

The best thing to do as a visitor in the beautiful capital of the Netherlands is simply stroll (or cycle!) along the famous 17th century canals. The waterways are lined with beautiful, old canal houses, all slightly crooked and tilted forwards. So don’t forget your camera! The city is easy to read: you will easily find the highlights, such as the museum quarter, the Vondelpark, and the royal palace.

Instead of giving you the cookie-cutter tourist hotspots, we made some exclusive deals for you.

More about Amsterdam →Our tips for a great visit!

Sauna Deco

If you want to recharge your batteries without leaving the dreamlike world of swing, we might have something for you. Hidden in a canal house in the famous Herengracht, there is a beautiful Art Deco Sauna - a true jewel and oasis to escape fast city life.

Plus, we scored a really good deal for you. Just bring your ALX booking confirmation and you get the sauna entry + towel + bathrobe for €22,50 instead of €31,-!"

Valid days for this discount: 12 - 15 September

Sauna Deco website

More about Amsterdam →Our tips for a great visit!

Star Bikes

Situated just next to Amsterdam Central Station, you’ll find this lovely bike rental. Star Bikes does not only have unbeatable prices, but also offers a cozy corner to sit down and have a coffee before you start your adventure of cycling in Amsterdam.

Bring your booking confirmation and get a 10% discount for a minimum of 2 days rental!

Star Bikes website

More about Amsterdam →Our tips for a great visit!


What is your cancellation policy?

We don’t take tickets back, but you are permitted to transfer your ticket to someone else (in the same role). Just let us know so we can swap your names in our system.

Can I get a discount as a volunteer?

Send us an email to let us know what you have in mind. For most tasks we probably can’t give a discount. We can give lots of love, gratitude, dances, and a drink. But we are open to hearing suggestions.

What happens to pictures and videos taken during the weekend?

We will spread them over the web and use them for future promotion for ALX and possibly other dance events we organise. By joining the event, you agree upon the fact that we can use this footage. If you are for some reason very unhappy about a photo on the web, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Can I buy my boat ticket later?

You can, but if you snooze you might lose. The boat can only accommodate a limited number of people, so book your spot sooner rather than later.

How do you keep track of ratio?

We aim to have a good balance of dance roles at ALX. However, we also aim not to have a waitlist for followers, so we encourage leads to register early, and switch dancers to register as such.

Will you help me find a host?

In the registration form, we ask you if you need or can provide hosting. There is no guarantee that we will find you a host, but we will do our best to connect you to locals.

What happens with my contact information?

We will not pass your contact information on to any third parties.

Can I buy tickets for my friends?

Sure! You can add multiple passes to your cart.

What does 'Switch' mean?

It means that you actively enjoy both leading and following. We see that quite some people like to switch between the traditional roles, and we don’t want to force people to choose during their registration.

Check out the awesome Mix & Switch Finals from our friends at Ceuvel Swing Camp!

How do I transfer my ticket?

If you want to transfer your ticket to someone else, this is how it works:

  • Step 1: email us a confirmation mail and add the buyer in the cc.
  • Step 2: e-mail your ticket to the buyer.
  • Step 3: at the registration desk the buyer will mention his/her own name and the seller's name.


our mission

You are the main focus of ALX 2019. We would love to introduce you to different aspects of our lindy community. Therefore we would love to connect:

  • you and the city
  • you and your friends - old & new
  • you and the Amsterdam dancers
  • you and the dancers from all over the world
  • you and the Dutch culture
  • you and the music
  • you and the dance floor

We aim to provide all the ingredients for a perfect weekend of dancing: Fine floors, swinging bands, our favourite DJs, gorgeous venues, dancers from all over the world, inspiration, and plenty of joy!

Our code of conduct



Julia 'Around the World' Conemans

Danai 'Shimmy' Lyginou

Alexander 'Crazy Riff' Rulkens

Sarah Ceska

Hanna 'Bunny Hop' Haas

Ineke 'Happy Hopper' van der Hurk

Stephanie 'Grapevine' Klier

Get in Touch

You can send us an email at info@amsterdamlindyexchange.com


We are sponsored by a generous donation from the Rock Solid Fund.